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    Regency Café

    395 reviews on Yelp

    Situated on its namesake Regency Street, Regency Café is a no-frills American-diner style English cafe famous for their English breakfast, coffee, tea, and brunches.

    17-19 Regency Street

    Behind Our Choice

    As a fairly inexpensive cafe that serves an amazing English breakfast, Regency Café is one of the best options for budget travellers and other tourists alike! It provides an incredible value for its money and is popular among locals, providing all visitors with a truly immersive British experience. Daniel Craig fans would also be happy to know that the cafe was one of the settings in the movie Layer Cake!

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    63 reviews on Yelp

    One of three Barrafina venues in London known for their splendid Spanish cuisine, the Barrafina on Adelaide Street is the most popular venue among the group, offering an authethic Spanish bar and tapas experience in the heart of London.

    10 Adelaide Street

    Behind Our Choice

    The Barrafina name is highly regarded among the restaurants in London, and the branch in Adelaide is simply the best of the best. Upscale and trendy, the restaurant retains traditional Spanish flavours, earning its #2 spot on this list with their signature fried lamb’s brain.

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    107 reviews on Yelp

    Based in the heart of London, Goodman is perhaps the top steakhouse in the city and arguably one of the best worldwide.

    26 Maddox Street

    Behind Our Choice

    Steaks and burgers; that’s all one can say. Fortunately, its hype has not yet caught up to its taste, so reservations remain relatively easy to come by. So take note, carnivores (and vegetarians with cheat day quotas), and get your fill of red meat here!

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    The Palomar Restaurant

    104 reviews on Yelp

    Famous for their Mediterrean and Middle-eastern cuisine, Palomar offers some of the best bar and restaurant experiences in London's Piccadilly Circus area.

    34 Rupert Street

    Behind Our Choice

    From kubaneh to tzatziki, shakshukit to tahini, the must-try dishes at the Palomar as delicious as they are hard to pronounce. Furthermore, reservations are hard to come by and no-shows affect the experience of all, from staff to diners. With this in mind, Palomar’s policy of charging for no-shows is wonderful, and should be implemented worldwide!

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    542 reviews on Yelp

    Indian food is a staple in London, and Dishoom is one of the best authentic Indian options, appealing to locals and tourists alike.

    22 Kingly Street

    Behind Our Choice

    Indian cuisine has long seeped into the British mainstream with westernised signatures like Chicken Tikka Masala being one of the United Kingdom’s national dishes. However, restaurants like Dishoom provides more authentic Indian food at relatively affordable prices. What beats naan, tikka, and curry for nights out with friends?

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    226 reviews on Yelp

    Known for its large portion size and comfortable ambience, Homeslice is a very popular pizzaeria in the ever-energetic Covent Garden.

    13 Neal's Yard

    Behind Our Choice

    At Homeslice, you can experience thin-crust pizza at its best. Although thin-crust can be dry often times, Homeslice provides pizza that manages to stay moist and saucy in spite of the crust. Drop by with your friends and get one of their huge pizzas to share for the best deal, though you can simply get a slice, but you wouldn’t get the best bang for your buck.

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    Mother Mash

    467 reviews on Yelp

    Recognised as one of the most authentic British restaurants in London, Mother Mash offers English classics like bangers and mash, what the locals call sausage with mashed potatoes.

    26 Ganton Street

    Behind Our Choice

    Fan of potatoes? What about savoury meat pies? Or do you simply want to grab a truly local Londoner experience? If so, then this is the place to go! Mother Mash offers great value for your money, while offering no-frills mashed potatoes (as you can see from its name), meat pies and ‘bangers’ (sausages)! So drop by for a nice budget British experience!

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    Ffiona’s Restaurant

    269 reviews on Yelp

    Local British cuisine made with local British ingredients define Ffiona's Restaurant, providing locals and tourists alike with an authentically English experience.

    51 Kensington Church Street

    Behind Our Choice

    As the saying goes, “when in Rome, eat as the Romans do” (or however the saying goes); to do that in London, drop by Ffiona’s Restaurant. Ffiona is often present herself, ensuring you have the best experience possible. So drop by, learn about British culinary traditions while filling up with some Chicken Kiev and roast beef with trimmings.

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    Great Queen Street

    221 reviews on Yelp

    Famous for their slow cooked foods and gastro-pub culinary traditions, the Great Queen Street Restaurant serves contemporay British cuisine in London's West End theatreland.

    32 Great Queen Street

    Behind Our Choice

    One of London’s most iconic food traditions is the gastropub’s merger between food and drinks, with the Great Queen Street Restaurant being perhaps the defining location. From meat pies to lamb shoulders, there is a huge variety of British dishes highly popular among tourists and locals alike.

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    Fish Bone

    77 reviews on Yelp

    When it comes to fish and chips, Fish Bone is the signature place to go, regardless of whether you want take-outs or the small British diner experience.

    82 Cleveland Street

    Behind Our Choice

    Is there anything more iconic of British cuisine than fish and chips? In the view of this foodie, it is a resounding no! Rounding out our top 10 list is Fish Bone, the go-to place for fish and chips in London. Drop by for some budget takeouts, and explore the large variety of fish that could be fried!

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